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In this guide, we list out the answers and instructions to some of the most frequently asked questions about BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle.


Q: What's the difference between the regular BIAS FX 2 Desktop & Mobile and BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle?


A: BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle = BIAS FX 2 Desktop license + BIAS FX 2 Mobile license. Instead of purchasing the 2 licenses separately, All Access Bundle offers these 2 licenses at a bundled price. 


*BIAS FX 2 Desktop Elite contains BIAS FX 2 Desktop Elite + BIAS Pedal (Desktop only) (Distortion & Delay & Modulation)

BIAS Pedal for desktop is only available on PC/Mac, not iOS devices. 

BIAS FX 2 Mobile Elite contains BIAS FX 2 Mobile Elite + 3 Expansion pack (for BIAS FX 2 Mobile only) (Metal Signature, Acoustic, Bass)

Expansion packs for BIAS FX 2 Mobile are only available on iOS devices, not PC/Mac.


Q: How to activate BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle (desktop and mobile licenses)

- Desktop:

1. Log in to your Positive Grid account here 
2. Go to the Download page and find BIAS FX 2 
3. Click Download (choose Mac or Windows) and install 
4. Launch BIAS FX 2 and click “Login ToneCloud” to log in and activate your BIAS FX 2 Desktop license

*To check that your BIAS FX 2 Desktop license has been activated, go to Settings > App Information and make sure that it shows your purchased license (Standard, Pro or Elite) under "License Tier".


- Mobile:

1. Download the BIAS FX 2 Mobile app here
2. Follow the on-boarding process and choose “I OWN BIAS FX 2” when prompt
3. Log in to your account to activate your BIAS FX 2 Mobile license

*To check that your BIAS FX 2 Mobile license has been activated, open the in-app store and make sure it shows "PURCHASED" on the license that you purchased (Standard, Pro or Elite).

*BIAS FX 2 Mobile is only available on iOS.



Q: How do the BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle easy integration works, syncing presets for both devices: desktop-mobile?


A: Since BIAS FX 2 Desktop v2.4.6 & Mobile v1.5.10 update, we've introduced the Cloud Banks feature.


With Cloud Banks, now BIAS FX 2 will automatically sync the presets/banks (inside Cloud Banks) across devices (desktop & mobile) as long as you've logged in to the same PG account.


If you have added a new preset to the Cloud Bank, or made modifications to any preset in the Cloud Banks, these presets will automatically be updated to the latest modified version on all logged-in devices. 



  1. Internet connection must be available to all your devices at all times, for Cloud Banks to function properly.
  2. Make sure you're logged in with the same account on all devices so your Cloud Banks will be synced.
  3. Local presets / banks are stored as local files and will NOT sync between devices automatically. Presets must be placed in Cloud Banks in order to be synced.




Q: Will the easy integration only works with this bundle? How about users who have both licenses and purchased separately? Will they be able to sync their presets?


A: The easy integration is NOT limited to the All Access Bundle, instead, if you already own the licenses for both devices or are planning to buy them separately, the integration (mentioned above) will be exactly the same for you, as long as the licenses for BIAS FX 2 desktop and mobile are under the same account/email.



Q: Does it require the same license tier (Std, Pro, Elite) on both desktop and mobile versions to be able to utilize the easy integration across devices?


A: We recommend you acquire the same license tier for both versions, otherwise the one that's on the lower license tier will not have full access to the same presets/amps/effects as the other device that has a higher license tier. 



Q: The Elite license of BIAS FX 2 Mobile comes with all 3 expansion packs (Metal Signature, Acoustic, Bass), do they work for the desktop version as well if the Elite version for All Access Bundle is purchased?


A: No. The 3 expansion packs will be limited to the mobile version only, due to the price difference between the desktop and mobile versions for these expansion packs. It'd be unfair for those who've bought the expansion packs on desktop otherwise.



Q: Will the customer who owns a mobile or desktop BIAS FX 2 license get a discount price when they purchase the promo bundle?


A: Unfortunately, due to the fact that there's currently no upgrade pricing for BIAS FX 2 Mobile, the All Access bundle will not have any upgrade discount implemented either. 

New users can still take advantage of the All Access bundle while existing users can alternatively purchase the items separately in order to take advantage of the upgrade / cross-sell pricing for BIAS FX 2 desktop and mobile. There'll be no difference in the included items regardless of how you purchase them.



Q: How do customers get the discounted price if they purchased their BIAS FX 2 through Apple Store/ mobile device? Do they get the discount once they signed in to their Positive Grid account on the website?


A: Though the All Access bundle does not take the upgrade discount into account, as a BIAS FX 2 Mobile user, you can still benefit from the cross-sell discount for BIAS FX 2 Desktop by logging into your account on the Positive Grid website ( and buy BIAS FX 2 Desktop separately (not the bundle).


The same goes for BIAS FX 2 Desktop users who want to buy the mobile version separately. Simply go to App Store and download BIAS FX 2 Mobile onto your iOS device, login to ToneCloud and go to the in-app store to check out the exclusive pricing.



Q: Do the customer have to upgrade the tiers through their mobile devices or does it need to be on the website with their account signed on?


A: Both will work, as long as you own the licenses for both the desktop and mobile versions. You don't necessarily need to buy everything in the same place. 




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