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In this guide, we answer the most frequently asked questions about RIFF and audio interfaces in general.

  • What is an audio interface?
  • Why do I need an audio interface?
  • What makes RIFF different from other audio interfaces? 
  • What extra gear do I need in order to use RIFF?


What is an audio interface?

An audio interface is a hardware that connects your guitar to your computer or mobile device.

To explain it, an audio interface converts your guitar's analog signal into digital information that your computer can process. It sends that digital information to your computer via connections like Thunderbolt, USB, FireWire. 

The audio interface also performs the same task in reverse, receiving digital information from your computer and converting it into an analog signal that you can hear through your studio monitors or headphones. 


Why do I need an audio interface?

Why do we need a dedicated audio interface instead of the sound card built into your computer?

Technically speaking, a sound card is an audio interface, which is great for playing back music and hooking up a pair of hi-fi speakers; however, its limited sound quality and minimal I/O (input & output options) make it less ideal for recording. On the other hand, a reliable audio interface will ensure stable performance and better sound quality when recording. 

With a dedicated audio interface, you’ll be able to play with software amp simulations like BIAS FX 2 LE (comes free with RIFF) or record your guitar playing in a DAW. 


What makes RIFF different from other audio interfaces? 

RIFF is a compact audio interface designed specifically for guitarists. RIFF provides everything for you to turn your computer or mobile device into an all-in-one guitar rig for practice, jamming, songwriting and recording. 

RIFF integrates with our award-winning guitar processing software BIAS FX 2 (both desktop and mobile version) seamlessly. Additionally, with RIFF’s TONE mode, you can enhance your signal with fuller sound using three legendary preamp emulations. Last but not least, RIFF's compact size and rugged build make it super easy to make music on a go.


What extra gear do I need in order to use RIFF?

Other than an electric guitar, bass or acoustic-electric guitar, you’ll need a standard 1/4" guitar cable and guitar software or a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice. If you’re not sure of which software to use, RIFF comes with BIAS FX 2 LE, our award-winning guitar processing software.


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