DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) FAQ

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In this guide, we answer the most frequently asked questions about DAW.

  • What is DAW? 
  • Does RIFF work with my chosen DAW?
  • How to set up Riff with my DAW?


What is DAW? 

A DAW or “Digital Audio Workstation” is any digital software or device that allows you to record, edit and compose your audio tracks. 

Some of the main functions of DAW are producing, tracking, mixing, composing, and even live performance. These are the most popular DAWs available on the market: GarageBand, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, Cubase, Studio One, Reaper, Reason...just to name a few.


Does RIFF work with my chosen DAW? 

Yes, as long as your computer can successfully detect RIFF as an audio interface (make sure to install the driver if you’re on Windows), it should show up as a selectable audio device in your chosen DAW


How to set up Riff with my DAW?

Here’re the routes for setting up your audio device in some common DAWs:

  • Ableton Live: Options > Preferences > Audio 

  • Cubase: Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System  

  • Reason: Preferences > Audio

  • Reaper: Preferences > Audio > Device

  • Studio One: Studio One > Options > Audio Setup 

  • Pro Tools: Setup > Playback Engine

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