*All integrated features are currently only available in the BIAS FX 2 Standalone version.

*Latest BIAS FX 2 update is required in order to use the integrated features.


Auto-Gain is a feature that helps you automatically set the input level for your instrument when coupling it with BIAS FX 2. Below are the steps to get started:


  1. Connect RIFF with your computer via USB, and launch BIAS FX 2.

  2. Navigate to the Toolbox and select Auto-Gain 

  3. The instruction pop-up will ask you to confirm your guitar is connected and guitar volume is turned up, and will ask you to play the guitar as you normally would.

  4. Hit "Start" and play your guitar, RIFF will start measuring the input signal. The process will take approximately 8 - 10 seconds.

  5. If it shows "Done", click "OK" and you're ready to play!

  6. If it shows "Fail", it indicates RIFF failed to detect your input signal. Please follow the instructions below and try again:

    • Make sure the cable is in a good condition and functions properly.

    • Make sure you connect your instrument to RIFF correctly.

    • Make sure you turn the volume knob to the maximum.

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