Tone Mode

*All integrated features are currently only available in the BIAS FX 2 Standalone version.

*Latest BIAS FX 2 update is required in order to use the integrated features.


Tone Modes are RIFF's built-in preamp simulations for you to easily find the ideal tone best-suited for your guitar and preference. The four Tone Modes are shown in numbers (0/1/2/3) on RIFF's built-in screen (when used without BIAS FX 2), or it will be shown in full description when connected to BIAS FX 2.


00 - Natural

Default mode on RIFF, it brings out the purest, most natural sound of your instrument with no alteration.


01 - 20's Modern

Without altering too much of the frequency spectrum, the 20's Modern mode brings out the nuanced articulation and dynamic range of your guitar by mixing in slightly-compressed signals, adding some modern flavors of the 2020s.


02 - Transparent+

With a slight boost in the lows and mid-highs, the Transparent+ mode gives you more overtones and bell-like clarity.


03 - Old School Fat

Slight shifting in the mid-highs as well as the overall dynamic allows the Old School Fat mode to sound significantly more bitey, focus, vintage yet still retains a trendy touch.


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