Amp Module: Control Panel

Control Panel





Gain sets the overall amount of input level to the preamp. It’s the master gain and distortion control for the preamp section. See the Preamp section for more information.


Presence boosts or cuts the upper frequencies in the power amp module. See the Power Amp section for more information.


Master determines the input level, the overall distortion, and dynamic characteristics of the power amp module. See the Power Amp section for more information.

Bass, Middle, Treble

The tone stack controls replicate exactly the gain and frequency response of the selected tone stack topology, including classic passive tone stack and analog parametric tone stack. They match the knob settings exactly to the original amp tone stack topology.

Depending on the tone stack circuit topology, some of the original tone stacks do not have all of the tone controls, while some have more tone controls. For the sake of consistency, we always show three-knob tone controls. You can go into the tone stack module in BIAS Amp mode to fine-tune the original tone stack parameters.


Custom Control Panel






BIAS Amp 2 provides an interesting and easy-to-use custom panel feature: Create your own signature amp by changing the name, tolex, grill, cloth, panel, and knobs. You can even upload your own picture to use as the background graphics for the amp. To access the customization menu, click the edit icon on the right side of the amp panel.


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