Spark Control Tutorial

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We've compiled the instructions for the basic usage of Spark Control.



1. First, connect your phone or tablet to your Spark Amp.

2. Turn on your Spark Control by pressing the power button until the blue light flashes. Make sure Spark Control is within the connection range with your phone/tablet.

3. Go to the “Profile menu” and click on '+ Spark Control'.



4. The Spark app will search and connect to the nearby Spark Control.




5. To verify if the connection is successful, make sure you see the "Successfully Connected" message by the end of the process or check back at the profile menu to see if it shows "Spark Control Connected".



If your Spark Control fails to connect to the Spark app despite thoroughly following all the steps (no 'Spark Control Connected' message shown), please refer to the Troubleshooting section of this article.



Control Profiles

1. To configure your control profile for Spark Control, go to the amp section and find the Spark Control icon in the top right corner.



2. Clicking on the upper menu will bring up the list of control profiles.



- Hardware Presets
Switch between Preset 1 - 4, or switch to the next/previous hardware preset.

- Stompbox Mode

Toggle on/off a specific pedal in the signal chain.


- Playback Control

Manage YouTube video playback (Play/Pause/Rewind/Forward) within the Spark app.


- Playback / FX Control

- Custom Scenario 1 - 4




3. You can select different scenarios or reset all scenario settings.


4. Clicking on the '⋯' icon on the top right corner will bring up the window where you can further edit and save the current control profile.



Command Assignment

1. In the control profile tab, clicking on the description for each switch will bring up the window where you can customize the command from a list of different options.




2. It also supports drag-and-drop action for easy reconfiguration.



Creative Control

*Spark app Android v2.3.0.4397 / iOS v2.3.0.4695 & firmware v1.5.4.102 required

Creative Control allows you to control effects parameters in unique and exciting ways, starting with enhanced wah controls (wah pedal is only available in Experience Jimi Hendrix™ pack for Spark):


Creative Wah

  • Press and hold the assigned switch to activate the wah in the assigned wah mode. Release the switch to turn off the wah.

Custom Wah

  • Control the sweep of the wah with Custom Wah! Adjust Toe Down and Toe Up speeds to your desired speed. Double tap the assigned switch to activate the wah, then press and hold the switch to perform the Toe Down action, and release the switch to perform the Toe Up action.



Device Details

1. To find the device details for your Spark Control, click the icon on the Menu page.



2. The firmware version, alongside other information can be found in the tab.




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