BIAS FX 2 Integration

Loading your custom amps from BIAS AMP 2 in BIAS FX 2 is as easy as loading up an amp in BIAS FX 2. All factory amps and your own custom amps can be loaded within BIAS FX 2.


Loading Amps from BIAS AMP 2 in BIAS FX 2


To find amps from BIAS AMP 2 in BIAS FX 2:

  1. Launch BIAS FX 2 and open the Amp menu by clicking the amp icon in the signal chain
  2. Go to BIAS Amp 2 category at the bottom
  3. Double click the Amp that you want to add to the signal chain




Modifying Amps

Tutorial Video:


If you need to modify the Amp's internal modules, you will need to do so within BIAS Amp 2 by following the steps below:

  1. Open BIAS AMP 2 and modify the Amps to your liking.
  2. Save it as new, or overwrite the same preset
  3. Go back to BIAS FX 2 and find the same Amp that you modified
  4. You should see the newly modified Amp
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