Spark Control Factory Reset

Factory Reset via AirTurn Manager

  1. Download AirTurn Manager (App Store / Google Play) on your mobile device.
  2. Launch AirTurn Manager. You should be seeing it scanning for devices. 


  3. Power on Spark Control, and make sure Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on. AirTurn Manager should detect your Spark Control and show it in the menu. (The device starting with the name 'SKC50S-4' should be your Spark Control, please don't mind the thumbnail.)

    (If your device is having difficulties connecting to Spark Control, kindly refer to Spark Control Connection Troubleshooting for further assistance.)


  4. Tap on the device and you should see options for configuring your Spark Control. When you step on Spark Control's switches, it should also light up accordingly in AirTurn Manager, indicating the connection is successful and the foot switches are working properly.


  5. Scroll down to find the option 'Reset to default'. Tap on it and Spark Control will be reset to default.


Factory Reset via Physical Buttons

  1. Turn off the Spark Control
  2. To reset Spark Control to factory defaults, hold the first two switches (at the same time) while powering on the device. Both LEDs will flash 3 times and then Spark Control will power off.


  3. Hold the mode button on Spark Control until the red LED flashes 1 time to return to Mode 1.

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