Connect the mobile device to Spark MINI via Bluetooth

Please follow this guide to connect your Spark MINI to the Spark app via Bluetooth or use the Spark MINI as a Bluetooth speaker.

Connect to the Spark app (Tone Control)

  1. Power on the Spark MINI and tap the PAIR button on the rear control panel.

  2. Open the Spark app and tap 'Connect'.

    Make sure you turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile device.

  3. The Spark app will start to search the nearby Spark MINI.

  4. If there are multiple Spark devices present, select the Spark MINI with your serial number to ensure you’re connecting to the correct device.
    2024-07-01-15-58-mockup-mobile (1).png

  5. You'll see a 'Successfully connected' message when the Spark app is connected to the Spark MINI.

  6. You can always check the connection status on the product card in the 'Menu' tab.

Connect to the mobile device (Bluetooth Audio)

  1. Open the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device
    iOS: Settings -> Bluetooth
    Android: Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth

  2. Power on the Spark MINI and press the Pair button on the rear control panel.

  3. In the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device, look for Spark MINI Audio in the list of available devices.

  4. Tap on Spark MINI Audio to pair and connect.

    *Spark MINI will exit Pairing Mode if no devices are connected within one minute of entering Pairing Mode

    **To pair a Spark MINI as a wireless Bluetooth speaker with your mobile device, press the Pair button on the rear panel, turn on Bluetooth® in your mobile device settings, and select “Spark MINI Audio” from the list of scanned devices.

    ***Spark MINI is capable of remembering 2 devices in its memory. If the most recently connected device is not detected, it will try to connect to the 2nd one.
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