Output Setting

*We recommend leaving the Output Setting turned OFF unless you know what you're doing.


The entry point of the output setting is on the middle right of the bottom bar.  This is almost the last stop of the signal flow (just right before the output volume) where you can shape your overall EQ and control the amp module according to different environments/purposes. If you want to engage this module, please remember to turn the flip switch to “ON”.




We have 4 default settings for different connections and scenarios. You can turn on/off any module and adjust EQ compensation, and any edits will be saved immediately.


- Direct Out: For the users who want to use BIAS FX 2 with an audio interface and a pair of studio monitors/headphones. You can also connect the output on the audio interface to the DI box and send the signal from BIAS FX 2 to the front of house.

- Combo Poweramp & Stack Poweramp: For users who would like to use a Combo/Stack power amp as the output source, choosing two of them will toggle off the virtual Poweramp & Cab to avoid the signal going through the duplicate parts. (virtual & physical power amp & cab.)

- Amp Front: If you want to send the output from your audio interface to the input on a guitar amp, please select Amp Front to bypass the preamp/tone stack/power amp/cab in BIAS FX 2.


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