Pairing Spark Amp with Your Android device via Bluetooth

There are two Bluetooth scenarios through which you can connect to the Spark Amp:

One option is to manually pair it with your Android devices as a Bluetooth speaker (Spark Audio), while the other will be automatically connected by the Spark Amp app for the Tone Control feature (Spark BLE).

Pairing Spark Amp with your Android device (Spark Audio):

1. On your Android device, navigate to Settings > Connections and enable Bluetooth.

2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth, and stay on this screen until you see Spark 40 Audio/Spark MINI Audio/Spark GO Audio appears as a paired device under Paired Devices. Note that you will see a pairing notification if it's a first-time pairing.


*Ensure you see the Spark amp’s Bluetooth blue LED blinking, indicating the amp is in pairing mode.

*If you’re using Spark MINI or Spark GO, push the “Pair” button to enter the pairing mode.

Pairing Spark Amp within the Spark App for Tone Control (Spark BLE):

  1. Download the Spark Amp App here.
    *Spark Amp app is compatible with Android 8.1 or later

  2. Launch the app. Go to the device menu and hit “Add Device”.

  3. The pairing process will begin and show successful when it’s paired.


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