*If you don't see Rewind in BIAS FX 2 Desktop, make sure to update to v2.4.6 or above.


What is Rewind?

  • The Rewind feature is essentially a background recorder that captures your playing without you actively engaging it.
  • If you accidentally come across a musical idea that you like, and want to go back and listen to the idea again, Rewind allows you to do exactly that.

How does it work?

  • For the first time (since updating the application), you need to turn on Rewind manually (in the menu).
  • Once turned on, Rewind will always be on until you turn it off (even the next time you launch the program).
  • If Rewind is activated, you can see its icon slowly blinking on the top bar.


How to use Rewind?

  • Click on Rewind’s icon to open its function tab.
  • Info of the past recording will be shown.

  • Rewind will record the last 5 / 10 / 15 minutes of your playing (based on your setting).
  • Once you reach the maximum recording time, Rewind will continue recording and simultaneously erase the previous recordings (record 1 sec of the new clip & erase 1 sec of the old clip) to keep the recording in the set time length.


  • You can easily scroll through the past recording, fast forward / rewind, trim, and export the clip.
  • To export the audio recording, click on the share button in the bottom right corner. A new window will open.
  • You can select the edited or unedited clip to export. It’ll then be saved as a WAV file.



  • Rewind is available to all users (despite the license tier).
  • Rewind will automatically stop recording when there’s no output signal detected in BIAS FX 2 for around 10 sec (to avoid blank recording when there’s no playing). Recording will resume when the output signal is again detected.
  • Changing the sample rate (in the Audio Setting) will erase the existing recording in Rewind.
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