MIDI Automation in BIAS FX 2 Plugin

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In this guide, we will showcase the basic steps to use MIDI automation to control the BIAS FX 2 plugin. We also include video instructions for various DAWs.


Basic Configuration

You can set the Automation Parameters for the BIAS FX 2 plugin in your DAWs by Right-Clicking on the effects/amps that you want to automate and go to the Automation menu to set the parameter numbers in BIAS FX 2 plugin.






Once the parameter is set, open the automation tab for the track (on which BIAS FX 2 is inserted) and you should be able to control the parameter via the automation tab of your DAW.

If you wish to control the parameter via MIDI in your DAW, please simply map your MIDI controller to control the corresponding automation. See the video instructions below for reference. 


Video Instruction

*To provide a better demonstration, we use “Pocket MIDI,” a virtual MIDI device, visible on the right-hand side of the videos.


*Please turn on CC while watching the tutorial video.


Logic Pro







Ableton Live


Studio One





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