BIAS FX 2 Free Trial FAQ

Q: How do I activate my free trial with BIAS FX 2?

A: Make sure you've logged into your account in BIAS FX 2 and you should see a pop-up for free trial when starting up. Click "Activate" to start your 14-day free trial with BIAS FX 2 Elite license. See this link for further details.


Q: I missed the chance to activate my free trial, how do I see the pop-up again?
A: If you selected "Not Now" the first time you saw the free trial pop-up, you may go to Settings -> News & Promotions -> Browse Current Events to find it again.

Q: What if I selected "Don't Remind Me" when I first saw the free trial pop-up?
A: The pop-up will no longer be available for you. 
Q: Is there any specific restriction to the free trial during these 14 days?
A: No, you'll be free to use all the features from BIAS FX 2 Elite license. There'll be a count-down on the top right corner showing you how many days you have left for the free trial.
Q: What happens after 14 days of free trial?
A: You'll revert back to whatever BIAS FX 2 license you used to have. 
Q: What will happen if I upgrade my license to Elite during the free trial?
A: Your license will be updated accordingly to Elite and your free trial will end right away as it's no longer needed. 


Q: What if I upgrade to Standard/Pro license but not Elite during the free trial?

A: You'll be allowed to have your Elite free trial until the 14 days pass. If you wish to end your Elite free trial sooner, please contact support for that. 


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