Connect to Spark Amp

To connect to your Spark Amp (Spark 40 / Spark MINI) for the first time, you will be required to enter Pairing Mode.


Entering Pairing Mode and Connecting 

  1. Turn on your Spark Amp
  2. Open the Spark App
  3. Go to the Menu page
  4. Tap on the + icon on the top right corner of the Menu
  5. Select the device you want to connect to


    *For Spark MINI, Press the PAIR button on the back of the Spark MINI, then press “Connect” on screen.
Pair_Btn.PNG Searching.PNG


*If there are multiple Spark devices present, select the Spark device with your serial number to ensure you’re connecting to the correct device.

Multiple_devices.PNG Connecting.PNG Successfully_connected.PNG


*Connecting to the Spark Amp every subsequent time, after connecting to it for the first time, will only require you to open the app to scan for it once. Spark's Bluetooth audio should automatically connect if you’ve connected to it before and have not done a factory reset since.


For iOS devices, you’ll need to connect to Spark Amp’s Bluetooth Audio in order to enable music playback through the Spark Amp:

  1. Go into Settings on your iOS device
  2. Select “Bluetooth”
    *For Spark 40, make sure the blue LED at the back panel is blinking (meaning it's in pairing mode).
    *For Spark MINI, press the PAIR button on the back of the Spark MINI to enter pairing mode.
  3. Find and select “Spark 40 Audio / Spark MINI Audio” in the Bluetooth menu
  4. Once connected, you should have the audio played back from the amp.



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