Spark (40) Firmware Update (Video Tutorial)

Through our ongoing pursuit of perfect tone, you’ll enjoy significantly improved sound flexibility with DSP improvement and other various fixes with this firmware update.

This firmware is for Spark (40) ONLY.
Using this updater with any other Spark model such as Spark MINI, Spark GO, or Spark LIVE may result in potential damage to your amplifier. Ensure that you are using the correct updater for your device to avoid any risks or issues.

Spark (40) Firmware Updater Ver.

System Requirement: macOS 10.13 or later / Windows 8 or later.
The updater does NOT run on Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, iPadOS, Android, or any other systems.

Tutorial Video


Before starting the process
  1. Back up your custom presets to the ToneCloud, Spark App, or your Dropbox account before you proceed with the firmware update.
  2. See also: Backup & Restore Tone Presets
Please be informed:
Make sure the Spark (40) is not connected to any other devices via Bluetooth.
Make sure the Spark (40) is not connected to the computer via a USB cable.
  1. Download and unzip/extract the Spark (40) firmware updater to your computer

  2. Launch the firmware updater:

    • For Mac users, please right-click on the Spark Firmware Updater and select "Open".

      ① After encountering the warning window, click 'OK,' then right-click on the Spark Firmware Updater and select 'Open' again.
      ② You will encounter the warning window once more. Please click 'Open' to proceed with executing the updater.

    • For Windows users, please right-click on the updater and select "Run as Administrator" to proceed. Do not run the updater in the zip.
  3. Connect Spark (40) to your computer using the supplied USB cable, and turn on Spark (40).

  4. Click “Connect Hardware” in the firmware update tool.
    40 1D.png

  5. The updater will detect the Spark (40) and display the available firmware version. Click "Check to update," and the updater will begin updating the firmware of the Spark (40).

    40 2D.png

  6. The updater will start updating the firmware.

    40 3D.png

    Do not disconnect the USB cable or turn off your spark (40)/computer while updating.
  7. Once the update is completed the message 'Your firmware is up-to-date.' will appear below. Check if the new firmware version number matches the number on the download page.
    40 4D.png

    If attempts to update the firmware keep failing, please try to update the firmware with a different computer. 
    Also, try resetting your Spark amp to factory default before the next attempt.
  8. You can also check the firmware version of the Spark (40) by clicking on the product card when it's connected to the Spark app.
    image (12).png

    To verify if the latest firmware is installed, please refer to the Spark (40) Firmware Release Notes.


Q: My computer does not detect Spark 40.
A: Please try another USB port and avoid using a USB hub.
Q: After the firmware update, Spark 40 cannot be connected via Bluetooth.
A: Navigate to the Bluetooth settings of your device, unpair or forget the previous connection with Spark 40 Audio, and then open the Spark app to connect Tone Control before connecting Spark 40 Audio.
Q: After the firmware update, all four preset LEDs on Spark (40) start flashing when powered on.
A: Please reach out to the Positive Grid support team by submitting a support ticket here with the Spark (40)'s serial number. Our support team will provide you with an alternative firmware updater and instructions.

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