BIAS FX 2 Desktop FAQ

Q: What is the Difference between BIAS FX 2 and BIAS AMP 2?
A: Bias FX 2 - Wide variety of amps and effects, and allows very flexible configuration. Also features things like Guitar Match, Looper, and more. 

Bias Amp 2 - In-depth tweakability for only the guitar/bass amp section. It can be customized into your own unique amp, with an additional Amp Match feature. It doesn't have effects.


See also: What is the Difference between BIAS FX 2 and BIAS AMP 2?

Q: System requirement?
A: Product Comparison & System Requirement for BIAS FX 2
Q: Can BIAS FX 2 integrate with BIAS Amp 1, BIAS Amp 2, and BIAS Pedal?
A: Yes. BIAS Amp 2 Integration & BIAS Pedal Integration.
Q: Can I use Bass, Acoustic, and Metal expansion packs in BIAS FX 2?
A: Yes. Expansion Packs.
Q: Can I sync my BIAS FX2 Desktop presets with BIAS FX 2 Mobile on my iPad/iPhone?
A: Yes, if you own the licenses to both versions (separate purchases, aside from the All Access bundle). See BIAS FX 2 All Access Bundle FAQ.
Q: How do I download, install, activate the program?
A: Complete Guide from Downloading BIAS FX 2 to Getting a Sound.
Q: What do I download?
A: Standalone - For using without a DAW
AU/VST - Plugin for most DAWs
AAX - For Pro Tools only
Q: How do I find the plugin?
A: 1. Please make sure to install AU/VST version (a separate installer for Mac), link under your account's download page. 
2. After installation, find the plugin files under the following folders and make sure the file is there.
32-bit VST: C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Steinberg \ VSTPlugins \
64-bit VST: C:\ Program Files \ VSTPlugins \
64-bit VST3: C:\ Program Files \ Common Files \ VST3
64-bit AAX:C:\ Program Files \ Common Files \ Avid \ Audio \ Plug-Ins \
AudioUnits: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / Components /
VST: Macintosh HD / Library / Audio / Plug-ins / VST /
AAX: Macintosh HD / Library / Application Support / Avid / Audio / Plug-ins /
3. Make sure your DAW is scanning the plugin files from the correct folder as listed above.
We also have instructions listed under our help center, written for DAWs like Ableton Live, Pro Tools, GarageBand, Reason, Cubase/Nuendo, Studio One, Reaper, Logic Pro. 
Q: Facebook Login Failed?
A: How to Switch Back to Regular Email Login instead of Facebook Login?



Q: Why does my paid license revert back to demo?
A: Please try:


1. Log out of the plugin, and log back in. This will work most of the time.
2. Turn off all anti-virus and firewalls.  Repeat Step 1.

If that doesn't help, chances are you've run out of the activation limit (2 computers). Write us here so we can deactivate the licenses for you. See also Activate & Deactivate Your BIAS FX 2 License.



Q: Support on 4K/UHD monitors?
A: Unfortunately, Positive Grid's desktop guitar effects software is not optimized for 4K/UHD monitors at the moment, therefore our software window will appear very small on super high-resolution monitors. The only workaround is to lower the screen resolution, but of course, that's not the long-term solution we want.
For us to make our application windows scalable is an enormous undertaking that will require a lot of time and if we were to take on this project right now it will shift our entire focus away from the projects that we have planned for this year. However, we're not entirely ruling out the possibility of implementing this feature further down the road. Once we have the resources available for us to make that decision, we are certain that it will be done.
Q: Why the tuner does not work?
A: Please go to the Audio Setting tab of the program and make sure the input is set to MONO.
Q: Why do I get crackling/popping noise and how to solve it?
Q: Do I need to purchase BIAS FX iOS again if I have BIAS FX 2 Desktop?
A: Licenses do not carry over across platforms, meaning iOS and desktop versions of our applications are separate purchases.  
Q: "MIDI/Automation" is missing, is there no MIDI support available in BIAS FX 2 Standard?
A: MIDI control support is only available in the Pro version and Elite version of BIAS FX 2.
Q: How to backup my presets? 
A:  (1) Backup (and restore) the preset folders: \user(user name)\Documents\PositiveGrid\BIAS_FX2
 (2) or upload your presets to ToneCloud.
Q: Can I download presets which contain custom amps from ToneCloud if I don't have BIAS Amp?
A: You can still download and use a patch that has custom amps made with BIAS Amp in it, but you can't edit the amp in BIAS Amp, or use it on other patches that you made yourself in BIAS FX 2, if you don't have a BIAS Amp license.
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